Self Made: Aww, you shouldn’t have…

When you receive a party invitation, you take one look, and you know what to expect. Gift wrapping works the same way. It sets the tone, creates anticipation and prepares the receiver for what’s inside. Imagine a gift with crumpled paper and tape all over, presented to you by a child.

Friday Flowers: Coffeeberry on the Coffee Table

Today I went to Bay Natives nursery and picked up some Coffeeberry branches for my Friday flower bouquet. They will play nicely with the Christmas ornaments which are coming out of its storage box tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

A Corner of My Home: Hello buddies!

A couple of weeks ago, mu daughter and I attended a bud vase making workshop at Heath Ceramics in Sausalito. We made one vase each, and today they arrived! The glaze looks completely different when you put it on, so it’s a fun surprise to see how they turned out after they’ve been fired.

Required Reading: Frecklin’ Amazing

A while ago I came across some pictures by the Russian photographer Alexandra Bachkareva. Her luminous portraits show the natural beauty of freckles and I thought the images would be perfect for a book. Imagine my surprise when I found out a new coffee table book celebrating freckles is coming out in time for Christmas.

Seasonal Feast: Thanks!

This year we’re embarking on double Thanksgiving dinners. The first, and smaller one, was at our house a day early together with friends. I snapped a few pictures of the table before we all started gobbling (females as well as males.) The real Thanksgiving dinner, at my parents-in-law’s house, will be a

Event: Bud Vase Making Workshop

Heath Ceramics in Sausalito hosted a bud vase making workshop at their studio this weekend. I brought my eight-year-old daughter, who loves to get down and dirty, to find out exactly how to make one of those little goodies. It was interesting to experience all the steps of the process,

Required Reading: Judged by its Cover

The Kinfolk Home is here. And it is beautiful, from front cover to back cover and everything in between. I highly recommend you get your own copy (because I’ve already drooled all over this one).   Photos: Charlotte Coffey    

Happenstance: Happy Halloween!

Found this scary guy waiting for me outside our cabin at the camp site.  Photo: Charlotte Coffey

Seasonal Feast: A Not-So-Scary Halloween Dinner

Today is my husband’s birthday and Halloween happens to be his favorite holiday. So why not combine the two, I thought, as I a set the table for his birthday dinner. This totally non-spooky Halloween celebration did not attract any ghouls, vampires, zombies or ghosts – only my in-laws,

Trend Alert: Simply White

Benjamin Moore just announced their Color of the Year for 2016. And its… ta da, Simply White!     If you ask me, Simply White is the color of the year, every year. And as soon as the husband and the kids take off camping for the weekend, I put on my old jeans,

Travels: Vacation Inspiration

Two of my Swedish childhood friends are here for a visit and we decided to take a quick trip to Sonoma for some sun, food, wine, relaxation and, as it turns out, some interior inspiration. When we walked into the El Dorado Hotel on the Sonoma town square,

Event: Anna Andersson Jewelry, Open Studio

Anna Andersson, my friend and fellow Swede, is having an Open Studio event this weekend. I love her simple, yet sophisticated silver and gold designs, and wear one of her pieces almost every day. If you appreciate Scandinavian design, go take a look at Anna’s latest collection and get a head start on your Christmas shopping.