Field Trip: The Workshop of a Woodworking Magician.

About ten years ago, we needed someone to build a fence around our back yard. After contacting several carpenters, handymen, and contractors without finding a single one who had time to take on our project, we were told about a guy who had just arrived in San Francisco from Texas. The Texas guy turned out to be the always sunny, optimistic, and reliable Paul Stephens. 

Field Trip: The White, Serene Office of Everlane

Three blocks down Folsom Street from Lotta Coffey Design & Interiors, is the simple and calming office of the clothing brand, Everlane. Last week, I took a stroll with the camera around my neck, to take a closer look.   A minimalist idea Everlane was started by Michael Preysman in 2011, in search of the perfect t-shirt.