Seasonal Feast: A Spring Thing Dinner.

Because of travels and a 50th wedding anniversary party(!), we won’t be able to do a proper Easter dinner this year. But we did take the time to get together for a spring themed dinner with a table set in blue and orange. The branches of pussy willows are a Swedish Easter tradition and a must for me.

Seasonal Feast: 72% Cacao, 100% Love

This post has very little to do with interior design, but the topic is still very close to my heart; chocolate. This year for Valentines, instead of the usual box of chocolates, put together a medley of your (or your loved one’s) favorite chocolate bars and wrap it all up with a red silk ribbon.

Seasonal Feast: Pop, fizz, clink!

When my husband and I got married, one of the most generous wedding gifts was a dozen crystal champagne glasses. But, all of a sudden, we were down to just two glasses! I wish I could blame it on wild friends and rock-star-level parties, but truth is, most of them broke while I was doing the dishes.

Seasonal Feast: Thanks!

This year we’re embarking on double Thanksgiving dinners. The first, and smaller one, was at our house a day early together with friends. I snapped a few pictures of the table before we all started gobbling (females as well as males.) The real Thanksgiving dinner, at my parents-in-law’s house, will be a

Seasonal Feast: A Not-So-Scary Halloween Dinner

Today is my husband’s birthday and Halloween happens to be his favorite holiday. So why not combine the two, I thought, as I a set the table for his birthday dinner. This totally non-spooky Halloween celebration did not attract any ghouls, vampires, zombies or ghosts – only my in-laws,