Friday Flowers: As Simple As That

After a few weeks of purging, cleaning and sorting, I want my Friday flowers to be minimalist.

Here, I took a few eucalyptus twigs and put them in a small glass vase, but you could also do this with some ivy from the backyard – even if the backyard is not yours. I sometimes snip a couple of light green, curly vines from the parking lot next to my office. And believe me, nobody will blame you for helping out with the weeding. If only they knew how beautiful the “weeds” can be.

These kinds of arrangements cost next to nothing, takes almost no time to put together and last forever. OK, at least a few weeks.

Less, is more.


Photos: Charlotte Coffey





The small glass vase is from one of my favorite Swedish stores, Svenskt Tenn. The scissors are from IKEA.

About the Author:
Charlotte Coffey is the principal designer of Lotta Coffey Design & Interiors, and creates authentic, modern Scandinavian interiors in San Francisco, Marin County and the Wine Country. In her spare time, she enjoys eating, running and painting things white.

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