From Europe with Love: A Concrete Hotel in Portugal

As a fresh start on the new year, and to feed the minimalists in us, I wanted to show you a very special hotel in Porto, Portugal called Casa do Conto (House of Tales).


A Celebration of Light and Concrete

The architecture and interior design of this Portuguese hotel is so perfectly minimalist I wouldn’t want to change a single thing– everything that needs to be there is there, but only the things that need to be there are there. And while the dominating material is something as simple as concrete, this place feels very sophisticated and surprisingly soft and welcoming.


Six Rooms of Perfection

The hotel has only six rooms and each room is different. But they all have concrete walls and ceilings with play write quotes imprinted (hence the name House of Tales), and they are all connected by a hole in the ceiling that works like a courtyard, giving each room a visual contact with the sky. The hole in the roof was part of the original building, and the renovation was executed in such a way that the courtyard and the original facade were kept intact while a modern masterpiece was created on the inside.

It seems like I need to plan a trip to Porto. Until then, I’ll work on convincing my husband and kids that it’s a great idea to clad the entire inside of our house in concrete. Wish me luck!












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Charlotte Coffey is the principal designer of Lotta Coffey Design & Interiors, and creates authentic, modern Scandinavian interiors in San Francisco, Marin County and the Wine Country. In her spare time, she enjoys eating, running and painting things white.

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