Photography by Troy Ziel.

Each project starts with an initial consultation at the site, or in our studio. We share an open-plan workspace with Madrono Landscape Design Studio and Kennerly Architecture & Planning. We host art exhibits, cocktail parties, and other events together, and enjoy the benefits of having talented and closely related design businesses within shouting distance.


Selecting architectural finishes, lighting, and fixtures can be overwhelming. Luckily, we can never get enough of looking at samples and coming up with new space and budget saving ideas. No matter the size of your project, we’d love to hold your hand through the entire process.

  • Remodeling
  • Residential and commercial interior design and renovations
  • Color consultation and specification
  • Lighting and fixture selection and design
  • Fireplace mantle and surround design
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodel
  • On-site installation
  • Work with client and/or architect to develop concepts and overall design of the project



Before buying any pillows, or moving any walls, let’s take a look at how you use your space. The layout is the backbone of every design. Based on your needs and your lifestyle, we’ll present floor plans that make efficient use of space and contribute to a comfortable life.

  • Space planning and layout
  • Room redesign
  • Furniture placement and arrangement
  • Design packages for individual rooms
  • Room refresher services
  • Organizational and storage solutions
  • Outdoor living space design
  • Renderings and CAD plans



The furniture we pick tends to be a mix of modern and vintage, and we source from many different places: local retail, to-the-trade-only, and online stores, as well as auctions, consignment stores, and estate sales. And when it comes to accessories, we belive that a well curated selection truly elevates a space. So let’s go shopping, and choose carefully.

  • Interior furnishings
  • Furniture specification
  • Styling – artwork and accessory installation
  • Buying and sourcing for furniture, accessories, appliances, flooring, wall coverings, window coverings, fabric, tile, stone
  • Designer-guided shopping at retail stores, trade-only showrooms, consignment stores, auctions, and estate sales
  • Art consultation, sourcing, and buying
  • Plants and floral arrangements



Sometimes, the item you really want doesn’t exist – yet. We provide guidance in customizing your kitchen, bathroom, and media center cabinets. We also work with local cabinet makers and vendors to make our vision come to life.

  • Custom kitchen and bath cabinetry
  • Design of individual furniture items



We would like you to look forward to a remodel just as much as we do, and to look back on it fondly. So, if you don’t have the time or inclination to manage contractors, coordinate deliveries and installations, then let us help. We also offer a roster of skillful contractors and consultants that we enjoy teaming up with. Now you can start breathing again.

  • Project coordination and collaboration with architects, contractors, specialized vendors, artists and craftsmen.



Maybe you feel like you want to move? Unless you are truly in need of two more bathrooms and a ping-pong room, The Move without The Move might do the trick.

We empty your entire living space, pack it all up and store it away. After refreshing surfaces in need of an update (think painting walls, sanding floors, adding a mantel, etc.), the real fun begins. We bring back your belongings, one at a time. And before anything makes it back into your home, ask yourself, “Do I love it? Do I use it?” If the answer is “yes,” then we find a place for it. And we keep going until all your favorite things are brought back. The things that don’t make it back into the house we’ll put up for sale, donation or take to the dump. Then we assess if there’s anything else you need and make a few, well selected purchases.

Not only does this save you from the expenses of moving, it also ensures that the things you like about your current home will still be there: a short commute, great school, friendly neighbors, etc.

A fresh and streamlined place, with only the things you love and use, will feel like you’ve found your new dream home right in your own backyard.