Seasonal Feast: Thanks!

This year we’re embarking on double Thanksgiving dinners. The first, and smaller one, was at our house a day early together with friends. I snapped a few pictures of the table before we all started gobbling (females as well as males.) The real Thanksgiving dinner, at my parents-in-law’s house, will be a

From Norway with Love: Elisabeth Heier’s Summery Home

San Francisco has been my home for 16 happy years, and I rarely get homesick. Actually, it only happens exactly twice a year; for three days right around Christmas, and during the month of July. When I dream of Scandinavia in the summer,

Friday Flowers: Greener on this side of the fence

These branches were hanging over the fence from the neighbor’s backyard. Now they’re in a vase in our foyer, together with some brass accents. It’s definitely greener on this side of the fence. Have a great weekend!   Photo: Charlotte Coffey  

From Denmark with Love: The Apartment of Malene Birger’s Co-founder

When I first came across these pictures from Rupert Peter Landendinger’s apartment, I thought “These images were not included in the Malene Birger book.” I then learned that the apartment did not belong to her, but to the co-founder of by Malene Birger.

Friday Flowers: As Simple As That

After a few weeks of purging, cleaning and sorting, I want my Friday flowers to be minimalist. Here, I took a few eucalyptus twigs and put them in a small glass vase, but you could also do this with some ivy from the backyard – even if the backyard is not yours.