On My Mind: Holiday Decorating the Swedish Way.

On a recent trip to Stockholm, Sweden, I spotted some early Holiday decorations, even though there were still a few days of November left. And as usual, the Swedes managed to make it interesting while keeping it simple.

Most Wanted: I’m Dreaming of a White Wish List

I know it’s kind of last minute. But Santa, I’ve been veeery good this year.     Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner with white leather. I want you! Amaryllis. My favorite holiday flower. Sudo earbuds. Comes with this clever little pouch to avoid tangles. Lyngby vase.

Self Made: Aww, you shouldn’t have…

When you receive a party invitation, you take one look, and you know what to expect. Gift wrapping works the same way. It sets the tone, creates anticipation and prepares the receiver for what’s inside. Imagine a gift with crumpled paper and tape all over, presented to you by a child.