Happenstance: A Swedish Lady Walked into a Framing Shop

City Picture Frame is one of the best framing shops in town. When I went there the other day, to figure out a frame for an oil painting, I spotted an amazing gallery wall full of (mostly) black and white art. It turned out all the pieces on the wall were made by the same artist, John Mayberry, who has his studio in the building.

On a Shoestring: The $0 Home Update

A lot of us are still licking our wounds after the holiday splurge. But at the same time, we want to upgrade and start the new year fresh. Here is how can you eat that cake and have it too.   Let it go There’s no better way to upgrade your space than to purge.

Happenstance: Gallery Walls on the Town

After working on a few gallery walls lately, at home and for clients, I couldn’t help but noticing that this way of grouping art has made it into the stores as well. Here are two examples, showing slightly different styles; one from J Crew and one from Banana Republic in San Francisco. Who wore hung it best?   Photos: Charlotte Coffey