Trend Alert: Simply White

Benjamin Moore just announced their Color of the Year for 2016. And its… ta da, Simply White!     If you ask me, Simply White is the color of the year, every year. And as soon as the husband and the kids take off camping for the weekend, I put on my old jeans,

Travels: Vacation Inspiration

Two of my Swedish childhood friends are here for a visit and we decided to take a quick trip to Sonoma for some sun, food, wine, relaxation and, as it turns out, some interior inspiration. When we walked into the El Dorado Hotel on the Sonoma town square,

In the Hood: Big Art, Small Budget.

Nothing says “expensive” quite like oversized art. But it doesn’t have to be. A budget-friendly way to add large scale art to an empty wall is to blow up an image that you really like, and then frame it by nailing a wooden trim directly to the wall.

From Norway with Love: Elisabeth Heier’s Summery Home

San Francisco has been my home for 16 happy years, and I rarely get homesick. Actually, it only happens exactly twice a year; for three days right around Christmas, and during the month of July. When I dream of Scandinavia in the summer,

Happenstance: Gallery Walls on the Town

After working on a few gallery walls lately, at home and for clients, I couldn’t help but noticing that this way of grouping art has made it into the stores as well. Here are two examples, showing slightly different styles; one from J Crew and one from Banana Republic in San Francisco. Who wore hung it best?   Photos: Charlotte Coffey    

Friday Flowers: Marble and Friends

This sunny Friday calls for a crisp and clean bouquet on the marble ledge. The ceramic trinket box is from Design House Stockholm and the marble bowl/cup I brought home from Greece when I was in my early twenties. Wishing you all a great weekend, hoping that this early summer weather will stay until Monday!   Photo: Charlotte Coffey  

Friday Flowers: Greener on this side of the fence

These branches were hanging over the fence from the neighbor’s backyard. Now they’re in a vase in our foyer, together with some brass accents. It’s definitely greener on this side of the fence. Have a great weekend!   Photo: Charlotte Coffey  

A Corner of My Home: The Brass Band

Just a couple of years ago I thought I’d never let anything brass or gold into my home. Copper, maybe. Brass, never. Stainless steel, silver, pewter and chrome were my friends. But slowly, the warmer metals have been winning me over.

From Denmark with Love: The Apartment of Malene Birger’s Co-founder

When I first came across these pictures from Rupert Peter Landendinger’s apartment, I thought “These images were not included in the Malene Birger book.” I then learned that the apartment did not belong to her, but to the co-founder of by Malene Birger.

From Europe with Love: A Concrete Hotel in Portugal

As a fresh start on the new year, and to feed the minimalists in us, I wanted to show you a very special hotel in Porto, Portugal called Casa do Conto (House of Tales).   A Celebration of Light and Concrete The architecture and interior design of this Portuguese hotel is so perfectly minimalist

Friday Flowers: As Simple As That

After a few weeks of purging, cleaning and sorting, I want my Friday flowers to be minimalist. Here, I took a few eucalyptus twigs and put them in a small glass vase, but you could also do this with some ivy from the backyard – even if the backyard is not yours.