A Corner of My Home: Easter is in the House.

Easter is coming up, and the chickens know it. Why else would they lay such colorful eggs? These green, brown, orange and pink ones are the gifts of the Bay Natives hens, and they are as colorful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Event: Verheyden Designs at March.

My absolutely favorite San Francisco store for home accessories, March on Sacramento Street, invited to an evening of wine and delicious bites from their AGA stove to celebrate the sophisticated designs of Michael Verheyden.

Seasonal Feast: 72% Cacao, 100% Love

This post has very little to do with interior design, but the topic is still very close to my heart; chocolate. This year for Valentines, instead of the usual box of chocolates, put together a medley of your (or your loved one’s) favorite chocolate bars and wrap it all up with a red silk ribbon.

Friday Flowers: Marble and Friends

This sunny Friday calls for a crisp and clean bouquet on the marble ledge. The ceramic trinket box is from Design House Stockholm and the marble bowl/cup I brought home from Greece when I was in my early twenties. Wishing you all a great weekend, hoping that this early summer weather will stay until Monday!   Photo: Charlotte Coffey