Happenstance: A Swedish Lady Walked into a Framing Shop

City Picture Frame is one of the best framing shops in town. When I went there the other day, to figure out a frame for an oil painting, I spotted an amazing gallery wall full of (mostly) black and white art. It turned out all the pieces on the wall were made by the same artist, John Mayberry, who has his studio in the building.

Friday Flowers: A Whole Lotta Love

Roses for Valentines. Need I say more? Wishing you all a whole lotta love, from Lotta Coffey Design & Interiors. Photo: Charlotte Coffey  

Self Made: Aww, you shouldn’t have…

When you receive a party invitation, you take one look, and you know what to expect. Gift wrapping works the same way. It sets the tone, creates anticipation and prepares the receiver for what’s inside. Imagine a gift with crumpled paper and tape all over, presented to you by a child.