Friday Flowers: A Whole Lotta Love

Roses for Valentines. Need I say more? Wishing you all a whole lotta love, from Lotta Coffey Design & Interiors. Photo: Charlotte Coffey  

From Sweden with Love: Instant Spring Cleaning!

For sale right now, by Eklund Stockholm New York, is an almost all white apartment on Odengatan in Stockholm. Wood and leather details, as well as plants, and brass accents, add warmth to an otherwise super simple and stark living space.

A Corner of My Home: Airing My Dirty Laundry

Most of the time, in most parts of my house, I practice what I preach, and keep things tidy and uncluttered. But when one of the laundry hampers fell apart a few weeks ago, I realized that the laundry room was sadly neglected and in need of attention.

On a Shoestring: The $0 Home Update

A lot of us are still licking our wounds after the holiday splurge. But at the same time, we want to upgrade and start the new year fresh. Here is how can you eat that cake and have it too.   Let it go There’s no better way to upgrade your space than to purge.

Friday Flowers: Pink and Blue, of Course

Here they are, the pink camelias, together with blue and yellow, and I can’t help but think “Spring!” It’s hard to believe the Christmas tree was still in the house only three weeks ago. Happy Friday, peoples!   Photo: Charlotte Coffey  

A Corner of My Home: Blush and Blue

Since Pantone announced their colors of the year, Serenity and Rose Quartz, I’ve been discovering these colors all around the house. They seem perfect for spring, so my previous plan to turn everything black and white will have to wait for the summer

Trend Alert: 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year

At the end of 2015, Pantone announced their colors of the year for 2016: Serenity and Rose Quartz. I’ve seen the pink trend coming over the past two years, and after all the grey interiors it seems like a lot of people are longing for some blue.

Self Made: Aww, you shouldn’t have…

When you receive a party invitation, you take one look, and you know what to expect. Gift wrapping works the same way. It sets the tone, creates anticipation and prepares the receiver for what’s inside. Imagine a gift with crumpled paper and tape all over, presented to you by a child.

Friday Flowers: Coffeeberry on the Coffee Table

Today I went to Bay Natives nursery and picked up some Coffeeberry branches for my Friday flower bouquet. They will play nicely with the Christmas ornaments which are coming out of its storage box tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

A Corner of My Home: Hello buddies!

A couple of weeks ago, mu daughter and I attended a bud vase making workshop at Heath Ceramics in Sausalito. We made one vase each, and today they arrived! The glaze looks completely different when you put it on, so it’s a fun surprise to see how they turned out after they’ve been fired.

Seasonal Feast: Thanks!

This year we’re embarking on double Thanksgiving dinners. The first, and smaller one, was at our house a day early together with friends. I snapped a few pictures of the table before we all started gobbling (females as well as males.) The real Thanksgiving dinner, at my parents-in-law’s house, will be a

Required Reading: Judged by its Cover

The Kinfolk Home is here. And it is beautiful, from front cover to back cover and everything in between. I highly recommend you get your own copy (because I’ve already drooled all over this one).   Photos: Charlotte Coffey